Richard Petty Motorsports today: Watch ‘Building 43’, 1 p.m. ET Saturday on NBC

(Getty Images)

When Richard Petty won a NASCAR record 10 consecutive races in 1967, it wasn’t just about him as the driver. Rather, it was about Petty and his team working together to achieve excellence and success.

“Those 10 in a row, and he’ll tell you to this day, it was all about people,” Petty’s son and NBC analyst Kyle Petty said. “He, (crew chief) Dale Inman, my uncle Maurice (Petty), all those guys together, they’re extremely proud of that record.”

Nearly 50 years later, we revisit that spectacular season with The King – as well as how Richard Petty Motorsports is working towards attaining that same level of performance today – in “Building 43” this Saturday at 1 p.m. ET on NBC.

Also, click here to tune in to last year’s “Catching 43” about Petty’s illustrious career that featured a record 200 wins and seven championships.

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