NASCAR on NBC podcast, Episode XVI: Kyle Petty

Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images

Kyle Petty recaps the 22nd edition of his annual motorcycle charity ride on the latest episode of the NASCAR on NBC podcast.

The NBC Sports analyst explains why he stopped in Waco, Texas, on his 2,400-mile ride from North Carolina to the origin of this year’s route, the appeal of having a Hershel and a Herschel (McGriff and Walker) in the 2016 event, and where he wants to start the charity ride for its 25th anniversary.

Other topics covered by Petty:

–His reaction to the controversial crashfest at Talladega Superspeedway two weeks ago and why it might have been a tipping point for restrictor-plate racing ;

–The upcoming selection of the eighth class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. A former Hall of Fame voter, Petty has some strong opinions on how he believes the process could be tweaked.

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