Kasey Kahne back in the saddle of a sprint car again — and he wins

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You’ve heard the term “Throwback Thursday,” right?

Well, Kasey Kahne made it “Throwback Saturday,” returning to his sprint car roots to win the 30-lap main event at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania.

Because of his day job with Hendrick Motorsports in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Kahne has only competed in a smattering of sprint car races in recent years.

With NASCAR having the weekend off, Kahne was invited to race Saturday and wound up taking the lead right after the green flag fell and remained at the front of the field until he took the checkered flag.

While Kahne has raced at Lincoln Speedway several times in the past, this was the first win he ever claimed there … as well as the $5,000 paycheck that came with it, according to a story on PennLive.com.

To borrow a line from the Beatles, you might say Kahne got by with a little help from his friends.

“The car was great,” Kahne told PennLive.com. “I don’t get to race a lot, so I was on the phone with [World of Outlaws drivers] Brad Sweet and Daryn [Pittman] today. Lee [Stauffer] is here, I was texting my brother, my cousin Willie, so I had a lot to pull from.

“We have the same cars as those guys and great engines with Rob Cappetta from Pennsylvania. It makes my job easier when I get in a competitive car right off the bat.”

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