NASCAR’s least athletic driver? Denny Hamlin’s choice might surprise you


Denny Hamlin appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Friday (the video is above) and was asked who was NASCAR’s least athletic driver. Hamlin’s response was quick.

Brad Keselowski.”

Patrick asked Hamlin why Keselowski.

“Why? Please go on YouTube, please go on YouTube and find Brad Keselowski dribbling a basketball at a (Charlotte) Hornets game,” Hamlin said. “The whole argument of NASCAR guys as (athletes), he just ruined it for all of us.”

Patrick asked Hamlin if Keselowski was less athletic than Tony Stewart.

Hamlin said: “Gosh, it’s close. Here’s what I always argue about this whole (NASCAR drivers as athletes) thing. We all know that defensive linemen or offensive linemen, those guys are athletes. Just because they’re big and fat doesn’t mean they’re not athletes. There’s a difference in having athletic ability and just having athletic build in my opinion.”

As for if NASCAR drivers are athletes, Hamlin said: “Get in a car one time. I’ll ride you around in a two-seater car that goes three-quarter speed and you’re body cannot handle it. You can’t handle the heat. You can’t handle the G-forces for more than five laps. It’s not even an argument. We lose around 13 pounds of sweat in the course of a race. No normal person’s body can withstand that.”

Keselowski responded to Hamlin’s comments on Twitter:

Hamlin later said on Twitter that Keselowski does have skills.