NASCAR on NBC podcast, Episode II: Steve Letarte

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In the second episode of the NASCAR on NBC podcast, analyst Steve Letare puts his insightful sheen on myriad topics – many from the perspective of former crew chief.

With Tony Stewart out indefinitely because of a fractured back in an ATV accident, Letarte offers a unique view of whether drivers should be restricted from extracurricular activity.

“The most dangerous thing these guys do is their job on Sunday,” Letarte said. “You can do a lot of simple things dangerously. They were having a good time, and it was just an unfortunate circumstance. That’s reality. That’s life.”

But Letarte does concede that team executives responsible for multimillion-dollar sponsorships “are going to have to step in and put in some boundaries on these contracts. That’s a murky place to be, but I don’t think there’s any other way to do it.”

Other topics covered in the podcast:

–Explaining why Stewart’s injury actually removes pressure from novice crew chief Mike Bugarewicz. “I think he’d much rather have the stress, but I think he’s going to sleep better at Daytona unfortunately because he knows he doesn’t have superstar Tony Stewart behind the wheel,” Letarte said

–How losing a driver can be an enormous strain well beyond just performance in the car. Letarte didn’t have Dale Earnhardt Jr. for two races because of a concussion in 2012. “The hardest part is you’ve lost your partner in crime,” he said.

–Why Stewart might benefit from being able to return to the track before he’s cleared to race.

–Letarte’s view of the 2016 rules offering lower downforce.

–The areas where he wants to improve as an announcer in his second year and the knack he has for translating NACAR into English.

–What the hardest part was last season about not being a crew chief for the first time in a decade.

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