Tony Stewart speaks on Chili Bowl: ‘The people there knew what happened’

Paul J. Bergstrom/Associated Press

CHARLOTTE – Tony Stewart has a message for anyone who has questions for him after watching the viral video of his encounter with an off-duty sheriff’s deputy at the Chili Bowl Nationals last week.

You should have been there.

“I think the people that were there knew what happened, and that’s all,” Stewart said Thursday when asked if he wanted to provide his side of the story during the NASCAR Media Tour. “If anyone wants to know what happened, they should have been there to see it themselves.”

In the video, Stewart went into the grandstands at the event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to confront a fan who had heckled him. The Tulsa World reported the fan was Tulsa County Cpl. Kyle Hess, and the incident is under investigation by the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, which was expected to have a report this week. A spokesman told the Tulsa World that Hess “probably had too much beer.”

Stewart didn’t have anything to add Thursday.

“They make judgments of us no matter what they do, so I’m not going to try to justify or explain what happened there,” the three-time Sprint Cup champion said. “Everybody that was there knew what happened. I think you guys are starting to see social media now and all the people that are coming out and talking about what happened and what they heard.

“I’m not going to waste my time on a NASCAR Media Day talking about an event that happened a week ago. If you guys want to know about that, get your media credentials and go to the Chili Bowl next year. Which you should be doing anyway.”