Can you guess what’s at the top of Richard Petty’s Christmas tree?

(Getty Images)

Now that he reportedly has Brian Scott as the latest present under his team’s Christmas tree (expected to be confirmed at a press conference on Friday), Richard Petty and long-time sponsor STP did a little reminiscing Wednesday.

STP Racing retweeted a classic photo of The King placing a rather unique ornament atop the Richard Petty Museum Christmas tree in 2011.

No, it wasn’t a star, angel, candle or anything of the like. It was one of Petty’s trademark Charlie One Horse cowboy hats — and it looks soooo cool where it’s at.

I don’t know about you, but I have an old Stetson sitting in my closet. Bet you can guess where it’ll be going in the next day or two (provided the wife lets me do so).

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