Postcard from Las Vegas: Kevin Harvick’s son revises his Christmas wish list

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LAS VEGAS – Kevin Harvick‘s 3-year-old son, Keelan, is old enough to know who Santa Claus is and start to understand the magic of Christmas.

He also had made his Christmas wish list.

At the top of that list?

“He wants a pink race car,” Harvick said.

Previously, his son’s wish had been for just a race car.

Now it’s a pink race car. Where does that come from?

“Who knows?” Harvick said, laughing.

“He likes pink,” Harvick said. “I’d say his favorite color is blue. I think he knows that it probably makes everybody go ‘A pink race car? Are you sure?’ He’s quite the character. That’s for sure.”

Alas, Harvick said that Keelan won’t be getting a pink race car.

Maybe next year.