Dale Earnhardt Jr. reflects on ‘Dega, his life in lengthy Twitter chat

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. held an impromptu Q&A session with fans on Twitter Tuesday night.

Junior was in quite the talkative — or would that be tweet-ative mood: The online chat lasted more than two hours.

He covered questions ranging from the fallout from Sunday’s race at Talladega to what would it be like if he could race his father one more time.

Here’s some of the best questions and Junior’s responses:

Is it safe to assume there will be a lot of payback doled out this weekend at Martinsville?

What would you think of eliminating Talladega from the Chase? Or maybe have it at the beginning of the Chase?

(If there were 10 Chase races at Talladega) you’d be the champion every year Dale.

You’re a GREAT driver but do you feel THAT you were robbed of your chance on Sunday? Cuz of Harvick actions?

Do you think you’ll ever match or beat your old mans record of 10 wins at dega?

Do you feel that what did was chicken (excrement)?

If you could run one more race with your old man, which track would it be and why?

Do you ever want to drive for yourself in Sprint Cup?

Do you play golf at all?

Besides his friendship, what’s something you’ll miss about Tony (as a driver) when he retires?

(What is your) favorite track? and what’s the number one aggravating thing that takes place in the car while you’re racing?

When is the last time you almost fought another driver after a race?

Speaking of fighting. In an all out brawl what driver would take everyone out in your opinion?

What’s your thought on the possibility of a road course being added to chase?

When the time comes to retire, will you stay in the business of racing?

You’re stranded on an island, what 3 items do you bring?

And just like Elvis, Dale Jr. has left the building.

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