Pit stall assignments for tonight’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Bristol

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Bristol Motor Speedway is the last remaining Sprint Cup track with pit stalls on the frontstretch and backstretch and that can matter in the results.

There also are unique rules with entering pit road. Under green-flag conditions, a driver can enter pit road on their portion of the track – thus a driver pitting on the backstretch can enter pit road at the exit of Turn 2. Or a driver pitting on the fronstretch can enter pit road at the exit of Turn 4. Under yellow-flag conditions all cars must enter pit road at the exit of Turn 2.

Five of the last seven winners at Bristol had their pit stall on the frontstretch. The last driver to win from a backstretch pit stall was Matt Kenseth in Aug. 2013 from pit stall 28 – where Jimmie Johnson is pitting tonight.

The only other backstretch pit stall in the last seven races that had the winner was pit stall 23 – near Turn 3. Kyle Busch is pitting there tonight.

Here’s a look at where each driver is pitted. The number inside the box correlates to the car number. The figure below represents what pit stall it is.