With Clint Bowyer set to leave MWR at season’s end, what happens to 5-hour Energy?


With Wednesday morning’s announcement, we know that Michael Waltrip Racing likely won’t race in the Sprint Cup Series in 2016.

Waltrip was supposed to race in the 2016 season-opening Daytona 500 with Maxwell House as a sponsor, but that situation is now unclear in light of MWR shutting down for the most part at the end of this season.

We also know that Clint Bowyer has been granted permission to seek opportunities with other teams.

But what about the future for Bowyer’s primary sponsor, 5-hour Energy? Will it follow Bowyer to his next Sprint Cup team home?

Here’s what the company 5-hour Energy Director of Communications Melissa Skabich said in a statement:

5-hour ENERGY has enjoyed a great relationship with Michael Waltrip Racing and Clint Bowyer since joining forces in 2012.

“MWR and Clint have delivered above and beyond with our partnership and we thank them for their dedication. Clint is a great ambassador for our products, customers and retailers.

“The MWR team and Clint will continue to remain focused on getting 5-hour ENERGY in the Chase. We will make no further comment until we are ready to announce our future plans.

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