Jamie McMurray has unique memory of Brickyard 400 win, also tells why he is so reserved behind the wheel


Oh baby, does Jamie McMurray remember his win in the 2010 Brickyard 400 – but for a reason you might not think about.

Sure, he recalls the excitement of crossing the finish line and taking the checkered flag, but there’s an even greater memory that McMurray took away from one of the biggest wins of his career.

“For me, when I look back at the picture of getting to kiss the bricks, it’s special for a lot of different reasons,” McMurray told reporters Friday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. “One of those was because (wife) Christy was pregnant with (son) Carter, 7 months I think with a big belly.

“And I remember on that day as we kissed the bricks, looking at her and telling her what a special memory we were going to have with him and the fact that we’ve won the race and we’re kissing the bricks and he’s in your belly.

“We have that picture in our motor home and we talk about it each weekend. Carter is four and a half, and he doesn’t completely understand how important this track is to all of us. … He doesn’t quite get it and as special as it is, but for me, when I look back to that day, that’s one of the memories that pops up first.”

Being a good role model for his kids, son Carter and 2 ½-year-old daughter Hazel, is important for McMurray. He’s rarely heard screaming or cussing or the like on his team radio when things go wrong – and there’s a reason for that, he says.

“I think I do a better job of hiding it than everybody else,” McMurray said. “I also don’t key the radio when I’m mad or when I have something to say.  I don’t know why people key the radio to announce to the world what they are feeling.  That takes thought to actually key the radio and say everything.  I have moments just like everybody else.  I just don’t let everyone see it.

“There is not really a lot to gain by that.  I have two kids who love watching NASCAR.  I don’t want them to hear that. I’ve never been the guy to key the radio and say that, but after having kids you are consciously … I am … I’m not going to put that out there.

“Not only if there are kids and people scanning, but also for McDonald’s, for Cessna, for all of our partners. There are a lot of people in the suites that are listening and I just don’t think that is appropriate.

“Now, I think some people get off on keying the radio and making an ass of themselves. I just don’t. I just say it to myself and have my own moment inside the car.”

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