NASCAR makes changes with pit entry light system

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NASCAR has made changes to the pit entry light system that alerts drivers when pit road is open.

The changes debuted in Saturday night’s Xfinity race at Daytona International Speedway.

The light at pit entrance will indicate if pit road is open or closed. No flag will be deployed. This is a change from last week when series officials told drivers that the flag was the ultimate authority.

The flag – green for open and red for closed – only will be used if the pit entry light fails.

Another change is there will be a red/green light in the back window of the caution car. The light will be red (pit closed) when the caution is displayed. It will turn to green when pit road is confirmed open. This was first used in Saturday night’s Xfinity race.

Should the light on the caution car not be the same as the pit entry light, the pit entry light is ultimate authority on if pit road is open.