You’ve seen it countless times, but you’ve never seen a driver do it quite like this

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It’s a staple of a driver’s TV interview. As they’re being asked a question, the driver takes a swig of whatever drink they’re promoting so all those watching can see the product.

It’s not just something that has been around since TV. It started earlier than that.

Bob Zeller, a former NASCAR reporter who is among the country’s leading authorities on Civil War photography, came across a stereograph of such a scene a few years ago while doing research in the Library of Congress. The picture showed Louis Chevrolet drinking a Coca-Cola in 1909 while seated in his car. The frame is titled: “A Great Driver Taking a Great Drink.”

The stereograph was taken at the Atlanta National Automobile Exposition held at Atlanta Speedway, according to the Library’s records.

Zeller was back at the Library of Congress in March and showed the stereograph to Helena Zinkham, chief of the Library’s Prints and Photographs Division. Zinkham had the item scanned and it is on the Library’s site.

Louis Chevrolet drinks a Coca-Cola while in his car at a race in Atlanta in 1909 (Library of Congress)