NASCAR drivers start day by volunteering at Richmond Boys & Girls Club


RICHMOND, Va. – NASCAR drivers Brad Keselowski, Ty Dillon and Cale Conley helped plant flowers Saturday morning at a Boys and Girls Club near Richmond International Raceway.

The event was a part of Comcast Cares Day. Xfinity, which sponsors NASCAR’s No. 2 series is a part of Comcast (along with NBC). The project to help beautify the Boys and Girls Club was one of about 700 projects nationwide that involved about 95,000 volunteers for Comcast Cares Day.

It also gave the drivers a chance to play in some dirt and mulch.

For Keselowski, it was a return to his youth. He once was a member of the Boys and Girls Club. Too young to travel with his parents to races, he stayed with his grandmother.

“When you’re 10, 11, 12 years old that’s a little too much for even your grandmother and so during the day I would go to the Boys and Girls Club in (Troy) Michigan,’’ Keselowski said. “I remember a lot of kids. I remember it was my first real interaction with a computer. I remember playing a lot of flag football and capture the flag.’’

For Conley, Saturday’s experience with the children was fun.

“We got to looking for earthworms more than we did planting flowers,’’ Conley said with a smile. “It was really kind of humbling. (Friday night) racing a race car at Richmond, literally living my dreams since I was kid, and today get to come with kids I’ve never met before and dig some holes in the ground and search for earthworms. It really kind of sets you in place.’’

Dillon was not a novice to the work. His parents had a garden and his wife started one recently.

“I’m still a little bit of a rookie at it,’’ he smiled.