While Kentucky still laments Final Four loss, Matt Kenseth not afraid to admit he’s a Wisconsin fan in Bluegrass state


They take their college basketball very seriously in Kentucky.

And it’s pretty apparent last week’s Final Four loss to Wisconsin by the home state and previously unbeaten Wildcats still stings quite deeply for folks in the Bluegrass State.

Not passing up a chance to kind of put Wisconsin native – and UW backer – Matt Kenseth on the spot, a reporter asked Kenseth during Wednesday’s test at Kentucky Speedway how much of a Wisconsin fan he is.

“I’ve always been a big Green Bay Packers fan,” he said. “Besides that, I don’t watch a lot of other sports, but I did watch a lot of the last few games of the tournament and watching Wisconsin and pulling for Wisconsin.”

The reporter then made it pretty clear that, if he didn’t know it already, Wisconsin fan Kenseth was in the heart of Wildcat country, quipping, “But you’re in Kentucky right now.”

Not missing a beat, Kenseth deadpanned, “Yeah, I know where I am.”

Ohhh, the Wisconsin sting in Kentucky goes on.

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