NASCAR teams will have real-time access to video replays of their penalties starting this weekend


NASCAR teams in each national series will get improved access to videos showing their penalties sooner beginning this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.

“Since the beginning of the year, the Sprint Cup Series haulers have been wired with fiber so they could access penalties but we haven’t been able to get them access via fiber to the pit stall locations,” Chad Little, NASCAR managing director of technical inspection and officiating, told NASCAR Talk. 

“Starting this weekend we’re able to have each pit box wired with the fiber so that they’ll pretty much have real-time access to review a penalty that we’re rolling out this weekend. That means we could have glitches and goblins and we’ll have to work through those, but that’s the goal to provide them with real-time access.’’

The change also is for NASCAR Xfinity and Camping World Truck Series teams.

NASCAR moved to a new camera system to detect violations on pit road this season. High-definition cameras are placed above the stands across from pit road and monitor pit road action the entire race. Video of each pit stop is viewed by series officials in a hauler. Penalties are determined there.

Now, NASCAR will be able to send the video directly to the team’s pit box to show the team the infraction.