7-year-old rapper rhymes his love of NASCAR in videos


NASCAR is always looking for ways to attract new fans, particularly young fans.

One young fan has not only been bitten by the NASCAR bug, he’s trying to grow the sport singlehandedly – and is using rap music to do so.

Say hello, yo, to 7-year-old rapper “Caleb C.,” who is down for NASCAR and has already laid down some rhymes about his favorite drivers and sport (he’s also a big golf fan, too).

Young Caleb, who has already met several drivers — including two of his favorites, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon — plans on releasing a new or updated NASCAR rap at the end of every month, ultimately putting together a season-long series of stock car racing ditties.

Caleb C. just put out his second edition on March 31 and, while he may not be Eminem, the young man does have a pretty good beat – and a way with words.

Check out his most recent rap video, as well as his first effort, which was somewhat of a season preview before the Daytona 500. His web site is  CalebC.com.

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