Poll results show NASCAR garage, media approve of 2015 Sprint Cup rules package — How would YOU vote?


In March’s edition of The Century Poll, it’s fairly clear that NASCAR’s new rules package is a winner among many of those in the garage and those that report about the sport.

This month’s question was:

“After running three distinct track lengths so far this season – one-mile (Phoenix), one-and-a-half mile (Atlanta and Las Vegas) and two-mile (Fontana) – what early-season grade would you give the 2015 Sprint Cup rules package?”

The Century Poll is conducted monthly during the racing season and asks 100 individuals to give their opinions on competition topics, issues in the sport or other compelling questions.

Fifty of those voters are from the NASCAR garage and include team owners, drivers, crew chiefs, crew members, sponsor/PR/marketing reps and track officials.

The other 50 come from the ranks of media members that regularly cover NASCAR.

The results are strongest with B grades: B-plus, B and B-minus.

Seventy of the 100 voters gave their nod in the B range, with 24 voting for a B-plus, 31 for B and 15 for B-minus.

Here’s the overall breakdown:

A-plus: one vote
A: one vote
A-minus: four votes
Total: 6 votes

B-plus: 24 votes
B: 31 votes
B-minus: 15 votes
Total: 70 votes

C-plus: 11 votes
C: 8 votes
C-minus: 3 votes
Total: 22 votes

D: 2 votes
Total: 2 votes

F: 0 votes
Total: 0 votes

The polltakers also noted the following:

“Of those that added a comment, three statements rang through for many:

(1) NASCAR should be applauded for making moves to improve racing;

(2) While there has not been a big difference in the racing so far, the more teams work with this package the better the racing will get; and

(3) The great majority of the people that mentioned the in-car track bar adjuster thought it was a positive.”

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