NASCAR not copying NFL’s approach toward penalizing celebrations


Unlike the NFL, which penalizes excessive celebrations, NASCAR allows its competitors more freedom and will continue to do so even after post-race burnouts the past two weeks blew tires on the winning car.

A NASCAR official told NASCAR Talk on Wednesday that if series officials felt the damage to the winning car affected post-race inspection, they would address the matter.

Kevin Harvick blew a right rear tire during his burnout after winning at Las Vegas Motor Speedway two weeks ago. His car passed post-race inspection. Harvick blew both left and right rear tires last week after winning at Phoenix International Raceway. That left-rear blowout also peeled away part of the rear quarter panel. Harvick’s car passed post-race inspection.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Rule Book allows for such celebrations. Section on post-race inspection states: “The first place vehicle may engage in appropriate celebratory activity (such as a victory lap, burn-out(s) or donuts) prior to reporting to victory circle.’’