Denny Hamlin uses his “Dale Call” – how does Junior respond? (VIDEO)


During down time today at Daytona International Speedway, Denny Hamlin had some fun with a toy of his – his own Mountain Dew “Dale Call” – and posted it on his Instagram account.

“I got my Dale Call,” Hamlin deadpans in front of the camera before blowing on it to trigger lights and engine noises:

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I got my @dalejr call

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In case you haven’t seen the original “Dale Call” commercial, a duck hunter uses the device to have Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his No. 88 Chevrolet do a burnout and send the birds flying. Additional online spots also had Earnhardt’s friends and relatives summon him with it.

So did Earnhardt appear before Hamlin? Earnhardt tweeted that he would have – if Hamlin, a Toyota driver, was a Chevy man like himself.

Looks like there’s at least one limit to the powers of the “Dale Call.”