Dale Jr. puts chill on Kyle Busch’s Valentine’s Day gift


For the most part, NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers aren’t the kind of practical jokers that you might find in Major League Baseball or other sports that like to do wild things such as giving teammates hot foots or putting laxatives in food or drink.

And even though Kyle Busch may have had the most sincere and innocent intent when he brought Dale Earnhardt Jr. and girlfriend Amy Reimann a Valentine’s Day gift on Saturday, Junior wasn’t going to be tempted.

Busch brought Junior and Amy three packages of the new M&Ms Crispy candy.

But perhaps sensing there may have been more than met the eye, which some fans even suggested, Junior graciously thanked Kyle – and then quickly put the candy aside in his refrigerator.

Junior told his loyal fans — hopefully kiddingly — that he wasn’t taking any chances with the candy in case KyBu may have tried to pull off a practical joke prior to the Sprint Unlimited race later Saturday evening

Funny thing, though, Junior accepted another candy gift from reporter Jim Utter.

Or maybe Junior just likes Reese’s better than M&Ms.

Even Reimann got into the candy giving spirit.

When Junior came in off the racetrack earlier in the day, Amy had a box of candy hearts waiting for “Ralph,” her name of affection for Junior rather than “Dale.”

She even signed the box with an “XO”. Awwwww.

There was no putting that candy in the cooler. For Junior, his tweet said what his immediate intentions were:

Junior even showed just how thoughtful of a boyfriend he is, wishing his beloved Valentine’s greetings to the world, even adding “my Amy.” Awwwww, again.

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